Yes Rules (Children)

The "YES" Rules photo boards depict children engaging in a variety of appropriate and adaptive behaviors including keeping their hands busy, using manners, following directions, respecting property, respecting others, following rules, etc.

1. Yes Rules I

The photo board includes the following rules: Ask for food (3), tap shoulder to get attention, ask to watch TV, ask to use the computer, ask to go outside, clean up, share with others, chew with mouth closed, wipe mouth with napkin, use utensils, and take turns.
2. Yes Rules II

The photo board includes the following rules: Cover mouth when burping, wipe nose with tissue, wipe nose with handkerchief, lift seat to pee, flush after using toilet, ask to leave table, eat only your food, follow directions, stay with an adult, say excuse me when people are on the phone, wear seatbelt, and stay in bed.
3. Yes Rules III

The photo board includes the following rules: Use high fives to say hi, sit on furniture, always take meds, use a quiet voice, fasten seatbelt, wear your glasses, keep shoes on, take turns on computer, follow timer rules, share books, hands to yourself, and wait quietly.
4. Yes Rules IV

The photo board includes the following rules: Hold hands and stay with adult, touch gently, wash hands after using the toilet, clean up toys, follow directions, do your homework, wipe after poop, put books away, stay at table to eat, stay in seat in car, sleep in your bed, and stay calm in car seat.

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