Resources to Support the Development of Behavior Programs

The following resources may facilitate your efforts when designing and implementing a behavior program.

The following sites offer product information and resources for "identifying" and/or locating your child. Many individuals with developmental disabilities and communication deficits would be unable to identify themselves using speech. The identification products allow care givers to relax knowing their children are safer by having a means of identification on the child at all times.
Safe-Card Identification Services
Provides ways to help parents and authorities ways to locate a missing child as well as conveying necessary information to medical personnel. Product catalog includes 35 items, including I.D. tags for children, an At Home Child ID Kit, and more.
Cannylink Internet Guide
Links to website dealing with safety issues. Type in "safety" and then click on search.
Child Print ID Kits, Child Safety Ptips for Parents, Child Safety Quiz

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