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 No / Yes Rules (Children)

Many individuals who demonstrate challenging behavioral concerns are visual learners who process information more successfully when expectations are presented in a visual format. The NO rules depict individuals engaging in inappropriate and maladaptive behaviors. The YES rules depict individuals engaging in appropriate and adaptive behaviors.

Some individuals will respond successfully to only the YES rules and will not need to utilize the NO rules. Other individuals may require the use of the NO rules to understand the context of the YES rules - they may need to learn what they are "not supposed to do" in conjunction with "what they are supposed to do." Even if you begin by only using the NO rules, ensure that you have plans to teach the YES rules since we want to emphasize the appropriate and adaptive behaviors.

Tips About Rules:
     1. Select only a few rules at a time to teach and review.
     2. Review rules when the individual is calm and receptive, NOT after the display of behavioral concerns.
     3. Provide descriptive praise and social reinforcement when the individual follows the YES rules.
     4. Model the YES rules when with the individual to encourage appropriate imitation.

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