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Functional Living Skills and Behavioral Rules
The Functional Living Skills and Behavioral Rules CD includes over 1000 full-color photographs of children, adolescents, and adults doing a variety of functional activities. Activity areas include daily schedules/routines, personal hygiene/grooming, toileting, homework, leisure, sensory intigration, simple meal prep, community, and behavioral rules. You can individualize sequences and choice boards in ready-made layouts on this new CD from Silver Lining Multimedia. The photos on this CD were created by Robin D. Allen, PhD from Behavioral Services and Products, Inc. and are based on the photo boards which she has successfully used with many special needs children and adults.
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School Routines & Rules
The School Routines and Rules Photo Collection includes over 2000 full-color photographs of young children (ages 4 to 8 years) doing a variety of school routines and activities. Use the photographs to teach routines, skills acquisition, set expectations, promote greater independence, and teach behavior rules.
Photo folders in the CD includes content areas like: arrival/departure, art, bathroom, cafeteria, chores, circle time, classroom, facilities, free play, gym, health, math, music, and more.
Includes software to enable you to easily customize your own choice boards.
This CD is also compatible with Picture This V3.0 and the Professional Edition.
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